Company Profile

J&G METAXA Ltd was founded in 1962 by Ioannis G. Metaxas, Civil Engineer NTUA and Public Works Contractor. In its many years of uninterrupted operation, the company has been recognized for its expertise and the successful and high-quality design and construction of projects covering:

A) all areas of specialization required to complete a modern technical project, such as:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Architectural Engineers
  • Electrical-Mechanical Engineers
  • Surveying Engineers Geologists Agronomists

B) and all stages of a technical – construction project.

  • Preliminary study and design before construction, as well as consulting services
  • Construction and supervision of building projects
  • Timely delivery in accordance with agreed quality standards and budget constraints
  • Maintenance of the structures after their delivery, as well as consulting services regarding the utilisation and maintenance of the infrastructure

Since 2000, the company has been chaired by the founder’s son, Georgios I. Metaxas, Civil Engineer NTUA and Public Works Contractor. The company has privately owned offices in Agia Paraskevi, Attica, and is active throughout Greece.

J&G METAXA Ltd is actively involved in the design and construction of public and private projects, such as apartment buildings, single-family houses, business premises, shopping centers, hotels – tourist accommodation, as well as all kinds of urban facilities and infrastructure.

Since 1962, we have developed valuable experience and knowledge, based on our passion for continuous research and innovation. Our team of executives and associates consists of specialized and experienced engineers, technical experts and consultants, who provide full supervision and support for each project.

By relying on its people and experience, J&G METAXA Ltd is able to undertake and deliver any project, from its early design phase to its full completion, as well as offer you advice on its optimal operation, maintenance and utilization. Our work is based on the following, which we fully implement and respect:

  • Special requirements and specifications of any kind
  • Any cost and expense budget
  • Any timetable and deadline that serve the customer and the project

With a significant presence in the domestic market and a steady growth rate, J&G METAXA Ltd. has become a financially robust company that guarantees the successful completion of any public or private project it undertakes, thus ensuring its clients’ absolute satisfaction.